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Who we are

We’re a leading health product brand, delivering a range of quality products including Health Bracelets, and dietary supplements. 

Founded in 2016, Kenko product is now a well known Health brand and operates through a diverse and dedicated team of staff and active distributors.

At Kenko, We embraces a positive, feel-good attitude towards healthy living.

I had no idea that a bracelet can work wonders until i wore a Tungsten bracelet from Kenko. My back pain is gone, my strength has increased and my BP is back to normal from low. I am glad I bought one. I highly recommend it to everyone irrespective of their health condition.
Paothingla, Manipur

100% Natural Products

At KENKO we are guided by a holistic philosophy, Caring for your whole well being, focusing on creating naturally effective health products which delivers results you can see and feel. Our products are not only beautiful to use, with luxurious designs but they also protect the body to regain its self healing balance naturally.

We Deal With Various Quality Products!

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